Product Overview

Introducing the next generation of air purifying technology, the Airgle Face Mask is an engineering marvel. The mask is hand-tailored with an ergonomic design and equipped with HEPA and PCO technology to provide superior protection against particles, VOCs, and bacteria. Experience pure, comfortable mobility with the Airgle face mask.

Multi-Layer Filtration

1Built-in Filter

Removes particles, VOCs, and bacteria

Dual air purification system:? High efficiency filtration technology and photocatalytic technology.

2Comfortable Mask

Face form-fit design

The mask is ergonomically designed and hand-sewn for ultimate comfort and protection.

Scientific Conception, Hand Sewn Manufacturing

Our masks are manually sewn using?innovative ergonomic principles.? This inspired mask is designed to impede even the finest of particles from penetrating your body. Its specialized form also prevents eyeglasses from blurring due to uneven temperatures, and reduces pressure on the nose.? Stylish, comfortable, effective.

Self-Adjusts for Personalized Comfort

The face mask strap is made of soft and flexible spandex material. Adjust the length and tightness to your degree of comfort and enjoy the satisfying experience.

Environmentally Friendly For Healthier Breathing

The outer layer of the mask is reusable, and the interior is made of air mesh fabric for easy ventilation. Additionally, the inner sides of the filter are fixed by Velcro and are easily replaceable.

The exterior is made of air mesh fabric for easy ventilation
Features non-woven fabric
Built for comfort
Velcro fasteners
Easy to replace

Two Exhalation Valves for Easier Breathing

The inside of the mask is equipped with filters that dissipate heat and moisture, allowing for more comfortable and natural breathing.? Airgle masks effectively remove particles, VOCs and bacteria from the air,? providing users with maximum protection.

Antibacterial and Environmentally Friendly
With Individual Packaging

The packaging is polished, simple and functional. Our easy to carry green bag with zipper ensures safe storage for your mask.

Breathe Effortlessly


Exhaust Gas





Airgle AM120 Air Purifying Mask

Man (Black) - Woman (White) - Boy (Blue) - Girl (Red)

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